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Athena G-12
Billy Zane G-03
Claudio Castagnoli G-11
Dakota Beavers G-04
Dana DeLorenzo G-08
Dane DiLiegro G-05
Katie Griffin G-16
Khary Payton G-01
Linda Ballantyne G-15
Lisa Zane G-02
Mark Steger G-06
Matthew Taylor G-19
Ming Chen G-14
Miro G-13
Ray Santiago G-07
Ricky Berwick G-12
Robert Picardo G-09
Zora Kerova G-10


Andrew Thomas CA-05
Geof Isherwood CA-03
Jim Shooter CA-01
Jonathan Taylor G-13
Richard Comely CA-04
Rodney Ramos CA-02
Tim Clarke G-20


Christopher Runciman FA-07
E.D.E. Bell FA-03
Jamie M K Jardine FA-05
Mark Rehkopf FA-04
P.L. Stuart  FA-02
RW Duder FA-01
Scott Brian Woods FA-06


Area 51 1/2 Podcast 142
Thursdays With Moire 157
We Got The Geek Podcast 141
Weird Careers Podcast 143


Dr. Who Society of Canada 59a
Flying With Toothless Lobby
Knight Rider K.I.T.T.  58a
Knowby Cabin by Locked in the Cellar SPFX 135
Miss Bentley The Corgi 160
Ontario Order of the Phoenix  159
Oxford Renaissance Festival 61a
The 501st Canadian Garrison 35
The DeLorean



The Star Trek TOS Bridge  62a
VR and Retro Gaming 52a


100% from SCRATCH 08a
AllsCherryComics 01a
AlozerDoodleNoodles 40a
Art by KVanhee and JROsaper 47a
Ashton’s Artistic Illustrations 33a
Basil Bombardier wand and potion emporium 34a
Bats N’ Blossom 27a
BlankSpace Publications 30a
ChaoticCuriosities 46a
Charli Forrester 04a
Charms by Sarah Desiree 48a
Churubou 16a
Colour Me Whimsy 18a
Con -Quest Crafts 15a
d4ddre 45a
Duke Comic Art 50a
Eineko 29a
Geeky Sheep 13a
Grace Haycock Art 42a
Helensart 06a
Jon Berg Illustration 22a
JuliMariArt 38a
KawaiiBakaDesign 12a
Ma Cobb’s Hat Shoppe 43a
Marscapone 28a
Mathew Roloson 05a
Michael Devries 19a
Morgan Van Colen 39a
NCL Studios 09a
Nebula Studios 32a
Oh That’s Neat 41a
Paper mache Gabe 26a
Pastel Nightmares 23a
PurdysPokeArt 35a
SamjamsPixelArt 03a
Samupress 25a
Sibi Fursuits 51a
Sketch Souldier 14a
sketchykuu 36a
So Craftful 21a
Surjit (Surge) Chana 20a
Sweet Kiwi & Co 17a
Teasomething & Strewdull 07a
Ted Kruzsely 49a
The Art of Bunny G 02a
The Dirty Goblin’s Shoppe of Wonderful Things 44a
The Eclectic Fox 37a
The Stoop-Gallants 31a
The Welcome Gnome 11a
Vulcan Works 10a


1,000,000 Comics 109
Altered Arte & Handicrafts (AAH!) 134
Anime Forever Global 21
Artisan Maille 123
B&K Collectables 81
Black Arrow Traders 68
Busi’s Closet 114
CamCon Collectables 91
Canadian Armed Forces 89
Canadian Dice / Geeky Glass 83
Cosplay Registration / Information Booth 57a
Dan The Dice Guy 72
David Bullard 62
David Mornan 102
DDC Collectibles 106
Deman Tattoos 130
Elite Minifigures 56
EM~AL~LU Designs 33
Extra Life London 52a
Fan of the Sport 53
FANatics 56a
Film London 53a
Fire and Steel 66
Fly by Nite Movies, Games, and Toys 28
Flying Magnolia Metaphysical Studio 30
Forest City Coins 23
Forest City Film Festival 53a
Fox and Dragon Hobbies 31
Future Lore Studios Inc. 69
Geeks and Co. 59
Golden Horseshoe Media Distribution 64
Gotta Be Candy 93
Greektown Wrestling 158
House of Kooks 26
ICEE 127
Icy Jewelery 22
Jeff Sheffer 86
Joe Arena Risk Tournaments 55a
Jolly Roger Industries 58
JPaintings 139
JUN-NAN ltd 116
KameHouse 44
King Crab Collectibles 65
Lindy Cosplay Supplies 19
Little Big Rocks 46
Little.miss.queen 78
Lollipop Lollipop 17
London Rock inc 137
Lukamoo 79
M&C Services Inc 99
Max the Mutt College 47
Moshimo 140
Not Sew Sorry 55
Off Balance Art 87
Painted with Wine 18
Players Cards and Collectibles 54a
Pop Fiction Art 115
Pops & Collectibles 119
PopZstation 73
Powerhouse Brewery 125
Rajers Imports inc 84
Red Sector A Comics 52
Rejected 76
Running Sandman Creations 82
Sad Nuggie 75
Saint Asylum Productions 43
Sandy’s Treasures 113
SE Trade Ltd. 94, 80
Soda Pop Bros. 92
Something Wicca 124
Spray Paint Art by Nathan Salmon 104
Start.ca  MAIN
Stuff Of Legends 25
Sweet Stationery Shop 54
Synapse 129
The Factory London  60a
The Game Chamber 57
The Little Craft 133
the pocket blade 49
tornado.ca 27
Toys and Hobbies cubic store 39
Troma Entertainment 132
Tyderium Toys 95
Underdogtoys 88
Vinegar Syndrome 131
X-S Cards and Games 100
Zobo Designs 71