The legend of gaming lives large at London Comic Con.  Play some classic pinball on some brand new machines with Comic Con themes. You won’t believe how advanced pinball has become in the last few years.
The History of Video Games display allows you to take a journey thru video games humble beginnings to household must-haves. Witness some rare game changing artifacts plus take the rare opportunity to play some historic video games that were thought to be lost forever.  Display kindly curated by the PC Museum.
Woodstock Custom Arcades is bringing down a bunch of their one of a kind arcade machines.  On each machine you can play multiple classic games from Atari, Super Nintendo & Sega with joysticks and buttons like a classic arcade game. Set to free play all weekend And if you really like it you can get one made for your home!

Take part in some competitive Risk play on the traditional game board as well as on the newly designed version by Novel-e-Tales.  New to Risk?  that’s ok, join in some instructional games to learn how to take over the world!

Indie game companies showcase their amazing work and provide you with a hands on experience.  From Android and iPhone games to fully immersive virtual reality experiences you can see and play games created right here in SW Ontario.
Stay Tuned for more great announcements!