cosplay judging team

Home of $1,000 cash prize Cosplay Craftmanship Contest presented by Len’s Mill Stores.

Every year London Comic Con and Len’s Mill Stores host the most epic of cosplay competitions to take place in Ontario and even Canada.  The contests is for cosplayers that truly own the craft of costume making.  Contestants can compete in 4 different divisions (Novice, Journeyman, Artisan and Master)based on their prior cosplay achievements.  Winners are chosen from each category and receive great prizes such as gift cards to Len’s Mill Stores.  Contestants from all 4 divisions are eligible for the $1,000 grand prize.  Take the time now to complete your registration info online so that you don’t have to take time out of your day at the con.  Confirm your registration by paying the $5 entry fee at the Con on either Friday or on Saturday before noon.

For those that are just looking to have fun you can enter the Open Competition on Sunday with some fun prizes available to won.  The Junior division also takes place on Sunday and is open to anyone 16 years and under, great prizes awarded in this category also.  Both Open Competition and Junior division are free to enter.  Register at London Comic Con on Sunday before  1:00pm.